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The Gaslamp Killer

—Nissim feat. Amir Yaghmai


Nissim feat. Amir Yaghmai by The Gaslamp Killer (album Breakthrough). A new favorite, thanks to Ju A!

Click here for the download.

Serge Gainsbourg

—Requiem Pour Un Con


Went to the club last night… what a pleasure when the DJ plays some Serge Gainsbourg… Requiem Pour Un Con (1968).

New sound from the Portuguese/Angolan crew Buraka Som Sistema: Vuvuzela (Carnaval), taken from their new album “Buraka”.

Karol Conka

—Sandalia feat. Rincon Sapiência


That is some mean Hip-Hop/Reggae from Brazil!

Sandalia by Karol Conka feat. Rincon Sapiência.

Get your fix here!

Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar

—Go Marko Go (Robert Soko Remix)


Super stocked that I found this on vinyl. Golden Horns indeed!

Go Marko Go (Robert Soko Remix) by the Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar. Download the track here. Enjoy!


—Xavier Pt. 1


Some new stuff I found recently but never had a chance to share it.

This is Odjbox and his music is free to download here.


—Met You (Cousin Cole & Nacey Edit)


Nice n chill. Met You by Misun. Find it here to download with other tunes by Misun


—Segrados Do Samba


My summer tune so far… (northern hemisphere summer that is!)

No download link on this one. Full release (7inch & digital) on the 7th of July here. Enjoy!!!

Letta Mbulu



Finally got a digital copy of this gem I found last year in a record shop in London… I then played that vinyl at a NZ summer festival where someone came to the DJ booth and told me this was the most interesting and uplifting sound he heard there… OK, it was late at night already but I took the compliment and considered my job done!!!

Normalizo by Letta Mbulu from the LP Sweet Juju (1985). Click here for the DL. Chur